Extract Subtitle

For ePub Maker

This is a special function for ePub Maker

ePub Maker extract chapter title (into TOC) only from the first heading in each file. But in some book chapter title is a little complex, may be in more lines and styled with more than one heading style. Some is composed of a chapter number and a title, some a title and a subtitle. This funciton is designed to solve this problem, so that you can incorporate subtitle into extracted first chapter title automatically.

Combine With Original Title

Extracted subtitle will be appended after original title.


Characters between original title and subtitle.

Default value is a space, for generally at least a space is necessary.

You can input characters you want in the box.

Replace Original Title

Use subtitle as chapter title.


If the chapter title is "Chapter I" and subtitle is "A Subtitle"

separator you input is " - "

and you select Combine

the result should be "Chapter I - A Subtitle"


Please select Menu>Tools>Recover to undo subtitle extraction.


Extract Subtitle function is particularly designed for ePub Maker generated ePub books.

It can also be used for other book, in case

  1. TOC is in list form.
  2. HTML files are split on chapters.
  3. Subtitle is styled as heading, and there's no other headings between it and chapter title.