Make Full TOC

Make Full TOC from headings in the book.

For ePub Maker

This is a special function for ePub Maker

ePub Maker generates a list style TOC from all first headings in each file, thus a simple basic TOC list generated. It's generally good enough for common ebook such as novel. But for professional books, it's far from enough. So this function can create a full tree TOC from all headings in your book (especially ePub Maker generated) automatically.

This function can also be used for other books if the TOC is not complete.

You may need to modify this auto-extracted TOC to get it better.

Extract Heading Above

This number determines what headings it will extract.

For example, if the number is 3, it will extract all heading1, heading2 and heading3 (in HTML, they are <h1><h2><h3>)

By changing this number you can control the amount of items in TOC and the complexity of the TOC tree.

The default value is 3.

Please don't abyss this function, a too detailed big TOC is not good for ebook. We recommend you limit the amount of all items under 50, and levels under 3.

Spine Prior

This option makes file structure over heading structure.

For example, if book title is styled with heading1(<h1>) and chapter titles are styled with heading2(<h2>), without this option checked, you will get a TOC tree that all chapter titles as children of the book title, thus in some reader with tree collapsed only the book title can be seen by default.

To avoid this problem, you can checked up this option, and it's also checked up by default. Then if your html files are split correctly on chapters, each file, thus each chapter title is extracted on root level in TOC. (book title and all chapter titles are in a linery list, and each chapter can has its own tree structure sub TOC items.)


Please select Menu>Tools>Recover to undo subtitle extraction.


  1. HTML files are split on chapters.
  2. Chapter titles and sub section titles are well styled with headings.