Merge Subtitle


Similar to extract subtitle function, but if the subtitle has already been listed as a child node of the title in TOC, you need this function to merge them.

This function works for existing epub file editing.

This function can be applied after Make Full TOC.

This function is not limited for files generated by ePub Maker.

Working Condition

This automated function works on all TOC item in such condition:

Please note that this function effects all TOC items match above conditions. The boundary or which item to effect or not can not be specified. You can arrange TOC items structure to decide the effectivness.


Separator is the same as Extract Subtitle.

You can input the separator in the box of the pnael of Extract Subtitle.

Characters between super title and subtitle.

Default value is a space, for generally at least a space is necessary.

You can input characters you want in the box.


If the chapter title is "Chapter I" and subtitle is "A Subtitle"

In TOC the subtitle is listed as a child and only child of item Chapter I



separator you input is " - "

and you select Merge Subtitle

the major item on root level now should be "Chapter I - A Subtitle" and the Sub TOC item with subtitle should be deleted.

Thus a briefer TOC list is created.


If the structure does not match the condition, you can modify the structure and change back after the merging process, such as

In some book, chapter title and subtitle are listed on the same level, you can use Move Sub button to move these subtitles as sub items of their previous item and preform this merging process.

If all the chapter items are not on the root level, but under a base item of book name or part name, (though we recommend all chapters should be on root level), you can use release button to move them to root level and perform the merging, and select all of them and move right to restore their positions.


Please select Menu>Tools>Recover to undo subtitle merging.