Basic Modification

ePub TOC Magic provides most useful ways to manipulate TOC items. With shortcuts (with keys) you can modify TOC items in very high efficiency and convenience. Comparing to other tools, you can move the position of any item, and you can even do bulk work with multiple selection.

There're three ways you can use for each method.

  1. Use mouse click and buttons on the tool bar.
  2. Right click an item to call up the context menu.
  3. Use shortcut keys on keyboard.

Please visit Shortcuts to manipulate TOC items with keyboard in faster ways.


Click the entry again after its selected, then you can edit the entry text directly. right click the item, in Pop up Menu select Edit, you can edit the entry and its link.


There are three types of adding method -- Insert, Append and Add Child, which decide where the new item should be added relative to current selected item.

Please select target link in the file list and anchor list instead of direct input to avoid typing error.


If an item has children, all children items will be deleted along with their parent.

Support multiple selection.


All children of current item will be listed at the same level after current item.

Of course, it only works when the selected item has children.

Move Up/Down

Item's position can be changed, but only in the same level under its parent.

Please use shortcut(Ctrl + Arrow Up/Down) to move fast.

Level Up/Down

All children of current item will be moved along with it. However its following sibling swill be left at original level and position, so in level up, those siblings will be the children of the leveled up item instead of original parent.


Only last step can be undone. Besides, you can revert/ reload the file. So please back up your file first and modify your TOC carefully.

Multiple Selection

Multiple selection is supported in Delete, Level Up/Down, Move Up/Down.

Selected items can only be on the same level under the same parent.