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Merge Subtitle

You my find some book's TOC is not correctly arranged. One common problem is it's subtitle is listed as chapter title's sub item.

This is generally due to auto generation of TOC. For example, if the chapter title stlye is assigned with heading2 and its subtitle's is assigned with heading3, and we extract TOC from headings, most TOC generator will put the subtitle as sub item of the chapter title.

The automation of ReMake Full TOC of ePub Magic TOC also does so.

Fortunately, ePub Magic TOC adds a new function from version 1.5 to solve this problem, such subtitles can be merged into chapter title automatically.

There's another automation in ePub Magic TOC, called Extract Subttitle. If your book is generated from ePub Maker, or your book's file is separated along with TOC items, this function will extract and merge the subtitle automatically. But if your book doesn't match its requirement, now you can use ReMaker Full TOC, and then Merge Subtitle.

Let's see the example.


In this book, the TOC has been generated, but with this typical problem.

According to the rules for good modern TOC, we want to put the subtitles into chapter titles, so that an elegant TOC list can be created.

Here's the screenshot of the original TOC.

Without the new automation function, we have to copy the text of the subtitle and paste it into the chapter title, and delete the sutitle, one by one. That's quite annoying.

Now with the new function, we just need one click on the menu, of press F7.

Now this is the result, everything is done.


You may heed, there's a separator between the title and merged subtitle, " - ". Yes, this is added automatically. You can set it in the separator box of the panel of Extract Subtitle, these tow functions share the same parameter.