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Extract Subtitle

Extract Subtitle function is particularly designed for ePub Maker generated ePub books.

It can also be used for other book, in case

  1. TOC is in list form.
  2. HTML files are split on chapters.
  3. Subtitle is styled as heading, and there's no other headings between it and chapter title.

(For ePub Maker, item 1 is assured by ePub Maker, item 2 depends on if you have inserted section break between chapters, item 3 depends on if you've styled them correctly in MS Word.)

Chapter Subtitle

In manybooks, each chapter's title has two parts, the chapter number and the chapter title, (we can also consider such type as chapter title with subtitle.) They are often in two lines and styled with two different headings.

ePub Maker auto-extract the first heading of each chapter/file as TOC item, so we would get a simple TOC list as shown on the left in this screenshot, apparently, such TOC item can not reveal the content of that chapter. We need to add the words in subtitle to each TOC item.

The function of Extract Subtitle is designed for such need.

Extract Subtitle

This function can be called in the Menu>Tools>Extract Subtitle, then a dialog will appear.

There're two types you can select, combine or replace original title. Here, we just select the default, for we want the chapter number retained.

Also, the separator is important, default value is a space, (though invisible in the box). In order for a better effect, let's type '- ' after the space in the Separator Box.

Click Extract button, you will see subtitles attached each chapter title in TOC list. We have nearly finished our work, it's so easy.


Now we can see the TOC items are all in uppercased form, no so easy to read.

There's another useful function in the Tools -- Captalize. Just lcick it, now we get a very neat and useful and readable TOC for this book.