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Simplify TOC Structure

eBook is quite different from paper printed book.

For ebook, reader can not turn to any page so easily as turning a page on paper book. TOC is much more important now, reader not only depend on TOC to browse the book, they also depend on TOC to turn to any place they want.

But you either can not make TOC too detailed, because reader need turn pages of TOC itself if your TOC occupy more pages on screen.

So a properly designed, not too long, not too short, not too complex,not too simple is the key of your ebook.

Let's see our examples.


Continued to last example, you will find these problems if you read it on a reading device.


One of two root level entries is common bad design in ebook TOC.


TOC view in ADE, which support collapsed view.


Readers have to click several times of expand the tree and get to the entry they want on a collapse-support reading system.



You can see some items are just created by some auto extraction of headings, but they should not exist in TOC.

And list of illustration and tables should be attached at the end of TOC, put them on the beginning will make reader have to turn a page to see TOC of chapters.


1 Remove TOC entries


To remove an item is very simple, just click the item and press Del button on your keyboard.

To delete several items, you just need select them all by pressing shift.

You can also click Delete button on toolbar or in context menu.

Please note that subitems under an item will e deleted too.


2 Move Items

You can move an item in the same level. If you you want to move them out of their parent, such as in this case, we want to move them to the end of TOC, we must move them to root level first.

Move These items to root level.


Use the move down button to move these items to the end of TOC, you can use Ctrl + Arrow Down to do it quickly.


3 Adjust Levels





You can do the same on each part, to move chapters to root level to make a pure linear TOC.

In this example, the entry containing all four parts is useless, just make reader difficult to browse chapters. But we can not delete it before release because all its children will be lost. Now we can delete it.


The final structure of TOC should looks like this in collapsed mode, on real devices it may occupy two or three pages expanded. Reader can see chapters of the first part on the first view of TOC.


Your can try the example on ePub Magic TOC.

Original TOC file (before Text Modification)

TOC file (after Text Modification)

Result TOC file (after Structure Modification)